Who I Am

Flora StadlerI’m Flora Stadler. Hello!

I’ve been a professional writer and editor for nearly 20 years, but that wasn’t my goal. I was going to be a poet. That’s a crazy idea.

When I earned my bachelor’s degree from Sarah Lawrence College with a concentration in poetry, I didn’t realize how well this creative foundation would serve my career. After graduating, I worked as an editor for various organizations—most notably Goldman Sachs and the Lincoln Center Institute. I eventually landed a job as an online editor for a web startup, combining market research and colorful content to engage users.

In 2000, I moved to Florida and expanded into journalism, working as a freelance writer and editor for print and television outlets. A few years later, as the head copywriter for the hospitality web company Vizergy, I learned SEO (Search Engine Optimization) writing techniques. I was also the in-house copywriter at nGen Works, then a boutique web agency that thrived on creativity. My official title, Word Play, came to define my professional philosophy. My job was to have fun with language, to see each client as a story waiting to be told.

By the time I returned to New York in 2008, my resume included multiple editing gigs, arts and political features, breaking news stories, celebrity interviews, an ad campaign for a real estate developer, and marketing copy for numerous hotels, restaurants, and nonprofits. I intensified my focus on research and writing with a master’s degree in journalism from New York University. During this time, I reported for the New York Daily News, The New York Times, and the Miami-Herald.

My freelance work has continued through the birth of my sons and a move to the Hudson Valley. It’s allowed me to explore subjects ranging from artisan sausage to film financing, and it never stops being interesting. I have become a seasoned editor and writer with an instinct for what makes content compelling. I know how to conduct industry research and build a customer profile. And when the preparation is done and it’s time to put my ideas on the page, I love the writing process. This is what make me good at what I do.

For a full resume or links to my previous work, please contact me.